Who are the superheros for road safety?

As we look towards the 3rd Global Ministerial for Road Safety in Stockholm next year, which seeks to review the Decade of Action for Road Safety, Walk21 contributed to the Round Table for Road Safety at the EU Commission and just last week Walk21 CEO Bronwen Thornton moderated the closing plenary discussion at the 30th POLIS Conference about “Who’s the action hero in vision zero?”

Thanks to Elke Von Den Brandt, the Minister for Mobility for Brussels Region – my first panellist to done her mask and Matthew Baldwin from DG Move and all the others for being action heroes and sharing their own heroes in what was a fantastic, disruptive and insightful panel discussion.

I am reminded that super heroes are only normal people doing super things.

Who is your action hero for road safety? for walkability ? Let us know….

We will be celebrating them next year!

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