Innovation in Gender Equality and Sustainable Transport

Walk21 attended the meeting on ‘Innovation in Transport for Gender Equality’ organised by International Transport Forum (ITF) On Monday 27 January. Alexa Roscoe, from the Gender Business Group of the World Bank presented an analysis of Ride-Hailing data that had been shared by Uber suggesting nearly two thirds of women choose an Uber to improve their sense of security. A discussion among the 45 organisations identified the opportunity to analyse the location of ride-hailing decisions (185 per second globally) to see what could be done to improve the safety and security of women at these points so that walking and public transport was an equitable option.

Walk21 stayed in Paris to attend the ITF Consultation with international Organisations in advance of the summit in May on Transport Innovation for Sustainable Development. Walking was highlighted in the discussions on inclusion, public transport and new mobility and road safety especially. Walk21 highlighted: their ongoing work on Global Indicators for Walking – providing new insights from combining health and transport data; how the STRIDE tool is being used to engage communities to share the reality of the transport experience quality in Latin America, Asia and Africa to trigger new government investment; and how their new publication on Behaviour Change can help complement infrastructure investment to ensure positive mobility outcomes.

Walk21 will continue to promote gender equality issues and looks forward to attending the 2020 ITF summit of world transport ministers in May to share the vision and enlist their support for a world where people choose to walk and are given the opportunity to enjoy it.

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