Are Vulnerable Road Users a sign for “Transport Planning Vulnerability”?

We have long advocated to rethink the expression: “Vulnerable Road Users” , to focus on Road Danger and to reframe people walking and cycling or children or the elderly or people with reduced mobility as “Valuable Road Users“.  They are the lifeblood of our streets and public spaces and a sign of a well-organized, inclusive and sustainable transport system.

Now our colleague Meleckidzedeck Khayesi from WHO, has published a highly relevant article “Vulnerable Road Users or Vulnerable Transport Planning?” that subjects the concept of vulnerable road users to a comprehensive critical analysis. Worth your time and attention.

“Attention should be focused on vulnerability of transport planning instead of primarily beginning with road users, commonly referred to as vulnerable road users, who are essentially victims of neglect and omission in the planning of transport systems. Transport planning vulnerability is a pervasive phenomenon that is situated not only in transport planning decision-making but also in overall interaction of several economic, social, technological and political factors that contribute to automobile dependent transport planning.”

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