Being busy with online events

As the year 2020 proceeds we are getting increasingly adapted to this new reality of online events. Here are a few spotlights from last weeks’ virtual meetings.

On 29 September Walk21 Founder Jim Walker participated in the 12th Global Conference in Accessible Cities that was hosted by the City of Pasto, Colombia.

According to the organizers the event reached an audience of about 20.000 viewers via Facebook livestream and streaming on the event website.

From 29 September to 2 October Walk21 participated in the European Urban Mobility Days 2020 that assembled a wide range of policy makers on the theme of “Zero Emission Mobility for All”.

There were some excellent sessions on gender, funding and sustainable urban mobility planning.  On 1 October Bronwen Thornton hosted a parallel session “Infrastructure for walking, cycling and more” with the panellists Alexander Frederiksen (DonkeyRepublic), Aistė Lukaševičiūtė (City of Kaunas), Martijn te Lintelo (Arnhem Nijmegen), and, Christina Moe Gjerde (Voi).  The group discsussed the need for reallocation of public space for more light mobility.

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