The Dutch “Space for Walking” Platform

It is always wonderful to see how the Walk21 family gathers during the Walk21 Conference, developing ideas and inspiring new initiatives. And it is highly rewarding to witness those ideas and initiatives living on and creating momentum for walking long after the conference itself.

During the 20th Walk21 conference in Rotterdam the “Ruimte voor Lopen” (Space for Walking) Platform was launched as a national forum for exchange and collaboration, intended for organizations and professionals who want to create more space for walking.

Ruimte voor Lopen makes the common interest for walking more visible, increases and connects knowledge about walking and shares good examples.
This year, the members of Ruimte voor Lopen, in collaboration with Walk21, elaborated a Strategic Agenda to deliver on three core goals:

  1. Walking is a natural and integral part of policy, design and management.
  2. The environment offers opportunities and invites you to walk safely.
  3. Walking has a positive image and is encouraged.

The final version of the Strategic Agenda has been presented during the Dutch National Pedestrian Congress on 8 October. The agenda consists of 1) a common vision for the year 2040, 2) a strategic plan for the years 2021-2025, and, 3) an elaboration program for activities in the years 2021-2025.

The projects shared on the platform demonstrate how to further the walking agenda in research and monitoring, planning and design, and, policy as well as lighthouse projects. We are looking forward to learn more about those inspiring examples!

The platform is also a place to celebrate best practices by awarding the Loop Award (Walking Award) to a Dutch initiative that contributes to more space for walking (in the mind, in policy and in the outdoors). We love that this award also considers the visionary aspect of promoting walking! We are looking forward to how the Space for Walking platform continues to increase the footprint of walking in The Netherlands.

The platform is in Dutch, but you can read more about it in English here.

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