Women in Dublin invited to improve their local walkability

Walk21, in partnership with the Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin) and the Sustainable Urban Development Centre in Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (CEDEUS) will receive funding from the Alstom Foundation to develop the STRIDE tool for the project “Every Step of the Way – Improving Walkability for Women in Dublin”.   The application will ask women to share their perceptions of walking in Dublin City to help understand its impact on their transport choices. 

“This is a welcome opportunity for us to collaborate on an innovative project to make it better for women walking in Dublin“ says Anne-Cecile Barbier, Alstom’s Community Investment Director who is Secretary General of the Alstom Foundation.

This project builds on the experiences of the Small Steps Forward project funded by ALSTOM and delivered in partnership with local NGO FundaPeaton in Medellin Colombia.  This project worked with the local children to use the STRIDE tool for mapping their local streets and resulted in substantial improvements.

Watch the “Small Steps Forward” project summary video here. 
It’s in Spanish, but the collaboration, joy and results can be easily understood. 

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