The Walk21 Seoul Programme at a Glance

Walk21 Seoul will be our first fully virtual conference.  From 26-28 May more than 50 speakers from 24 countries will share their insights about how to move forward with a smart and walkable city.  The 20 sessions of Walk21 Seoul feature keynote sessions, plenary discussions and oral presentations that you will be able to follow online via live stream.  

Registration is FREE, so mark your diary!

Topics include:

  • global imperatives for walkable cities
  • more walking as a strategy for post-pandemic regeneration
  • how to build momentum and measure impact
  • air quality, health and the experience of walking
  • the future of research for walking as a mode of transport.

The conference program touches many intersectional themes aligned to walking such as health, road safety, research, measuring, public transport and of course advocacy.

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