Shared mobility provider TIER signs The International Charter for Walking

We are happy to announce that shared mobility provider TIER has signed The International Charter for Walking underlining the importance of a collaborative approach to sustainable transport. The entire range of options for sustainable mobility – walking, cycling, public transport and shared mobility services – all benefit from and need walkable environments.  Ultimately we want to shift trips to sustainable options and we look forward to collaborations with TIER to do this.

“TIER exists to change mobility for good. We want to make it easier to live without a private car and ultimately improve the air we all breathe. That means not just getting people onto our electric range of scooters, bikes and mopeds – but finding ways to complement other modes of sustainable transport. 

The world of transport should pay more attention to the original means of A to B: walking. Many journeys shouldn’t require a vehicle at all – especially if we want our populations to be as active as possible – and that is why TIER has signed the International Charter for Walking. Starting today, we will put energy into supporting Walk21’s movement for healthy, efficient and sustainable communities where people choose to walk. Watch this space.”

Benjamin Bell, Head of Public Policy, Northern Europe at TIER

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