Improving Walkability in Prague

Walk21 meets The Mayor of Prague with Petra Syrova at the Praague Walking Conferencend

Walk21 was delighted to speak at the Prague Walking conference 21 – 22 September 2021 which was expertly organised by Petra Syrová and Blanka Klimešová of the NGO Peskymesterm.

The event started with a supportive welcome by The Mayor, Zdeněk Hřib who shared the relevance of his healthcare background, and support for citizens who walk. Speakers then included Professor Carlos Moreno, famous for his work supporting Paris to be a 15 minute city; Petra Jens, the Vienna Walking Commissioner; and Karolina Klimova, from the Prague Transport Department. Further experts from the Czech Republic supported the event with presentations concerning walking and health, climate, economy, children, proximity and public space design.

The conference drew attention to the fact that people who walk well usually live well and brings cities and their inhabitants many advantages. As Petra Syrová, chairwoman of the organisation Pesky Mesterm (‘On foot through the city’) said:

Walking is the most natural movement of every person, and each of us is a pedestrian during the day. At the conference, we looked at it as something more than just movement. Walking also plays a role in transport in the city, and so we looked at it this way, as a solution to many current problems – warming cities due to climate change, lack of daily natural movement, polluted air, congestion of cities with excessive car traffic and parked cars, social isolation .” 

Walk21 suggested some next steps for the City, to ensure the development of effective policy is implemented to benefit all the cities citizens. Targeting more support for women walking in the city; investing in the walkability of residential neighbourhoods in the cities periphery; and, creatively reallocating space from parked vehicles to enhance communities quality of life were all discussed. We look forward to supporting the City and the Pesky Mesterm organisation to fulfil their ambition to ensure walking is the first choice for all short distance trips and an. enjoyable one

Some of the speakers at the Prague Walking Conference 21 - 22 October 2021
Some of the speakers at the Prague Walking Conference 21 – 22 October 2021

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