Walk21 joins SUM4All’s Steering Committee

This month, Walk21 has been voted to be the civil society representative on the Steering Committee of the World Banks’ Sustainable Mobility4All partnership (SUM4All). Besides, Walk21’s Director Jim Walker will co-chair the SUM4All’s Gender working group.

Walk21 has been voted to be the civil society representative on the SUM4All Steering Committee. SuM4All brings together influential organisations from the transport and mobility sector. They are committed to implementing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and in particular sustainable mobility. As the voice of civil society, Walk21 will ensure that the active and inclusive mobility remains a top priority of the global development agenda.

The Steering Committee consists of 14 organisations, including donors, civil society and  private sector organisations. Walk21 takes over the position from SloCAT will be on the Committee for the 2 years. Along with Walk21, also the International Transport Workers’ Federation joined the committee.

Walk21 Director Jim Walker says he is ‘looking forward to representing the most sustainable mobility of all on this important committee.’

Watch the video from SUM4All.

SUM4All Gender Working Group

Director of Walk21 Jim Walker will also co-chair the Gender Working Group. The 24 members, leading organisations in transport and mobility sector. The group aims at improving the position of women as users, decision-makers and workers in transport and mobility. Jim Walker said:

‘Gender needs to be considered much more in the way we plan and deliver our transport systems. Improvements to public spaces, transport stops and services in particular have the potential to benefit accessibility, and safety when equity is given more priority. I look forward to supporting the working group’s progress on this agenda.’

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