Call for Papers: ‘Law, Accessibility and Inclusion for Pedestrians with Disabilities’

The academic journal Laws has opened a Call for Papers for a Special Issue on the theme Law, Accessibility and Inclusion for Pedestrians with Disabilities. This Special Issue will aim at understanding how states can better use law and policy to foster more inclusive urban environments.

Law and policy are a vital part of making streets accessible. At the international level, this point has been highlighted in recent years by developments such as the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Habitat Agenda.

This Special Issue will bring together a collection of articles which explore and critically evaluate the role that law plays in creating and dismantling barriers for pedestrians with disabilities. It will also reflect on the effectiveness of law and policy (at international, national, regional or local level).

The call is open until 1 June 2023. Read the full call here:

Guest editors

Dr. Maria Orchard (University of Leeds)
Prof. Dr. Anna Lawson (University of Leeds)

Guest editor assistants

Dr. Victor Santiago Pineda (Pineda Foundation / World Enabled)
Jim Walker (Walk21)

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