Pathways to Walkable Cities: Submit your case study

Walk21 invites you to submit a case study for walking in your community, city, country or region. By submitting on the map, you become part of the global momentum for better conditions for people walking and good practice within governments to deliver better streets and public spaces.

Pathways to Walkable Cities is a map-based platform that provides an overview of policies data and case studies for walking across the world. It is the first global inventory which brings policy for walking together in one place. Pathways to Walkable Cities focuses on good governance., policy and investment. It maps the countries, regions and cities which support the needs of people walking by putting in place supportive policy and action plans.

The platform aims to give visibility to communities that are investing in the needs of people walking and celebrates the good practices that are happening. By offering examples, it inspires other agencies and governments to take the first steps for long term investments in and priority for walkable communities. The platform is receiving funding from FIA Foundation.

How does your submission help?

  • Inspire ambition – You inspire governments around the world to take action and provide them with examples
  • Visibility – You make policy visible to other city administrations, politicians, NGOs, practitioners, and other professionals from the local and international level.
  • Recognition – You are being recognised as a community that values walking and invests in it through good governance and visible commitments.
  • Inspire ambition – You inspire governments around the world to take action and provide them with examples Celebrate – You celebrate your achievements.
Subit your cae study

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