A Pan-European Masterplan for Walking: partners draw inspiration from Rotterdam

Partners of the Transport, Health & Environment Pan-European Programme (THE PEP) gathered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, to discuss the further implementation of the Vienna Declaration. Among others, they drew inspiration from the City of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

With the Vienna Declaration of 2021, Ministers of the Pan-European Region agreed to establish a Pan-European Masterplan for Walking by October 2023.  The Masterplan should provide national authorities with a framework and guidance for the developments of national walking strategies and action plans. 

At the third meeting of the THE PEP partnership, hosted by the Government of The Netherlands, partners visited Rotterdam to draw inspiration from the city’s walking strategy, Rotterdam Loopt 2025.

National policy training

Parallel to the development of the Pan-European Masterplan for Walking, a series of online training will be held to supports national governments in the development of national walking policies. The series is open to the 56 national governments of the Pan-European Region and will be held online in May and June 2023. Registrations have opened.

The training series are supported by a grant from the Volvo Research and Education Foundation (VREF). The Swedish organisation is supporting the training series as part of its commitment to strengthen international research and research capacity on walking as a mode of transport, in ways that can contribute to more equitable access and sustainable mobility in urban transport.


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