Workshop Series: Stepping Stones for Better Walking Environments

The quality of the street environment significantly affects people’s behaviours and decision to walk. The factors are often complex yet there is no standard framework or shared evidence base to help governments and communities prioritise action and funding to improve the quality of the street environment. 

The series is organised by Dr Tamara Bozovic in partnership with Walk21 and a core coordinating team including Szening Ooi, Nancy Mitchelson, Louise Reardon, Josephine Roper, Belen Iturralde, Carlos Canas, and Alan Meharry.

We propose the need of a platform to share ideas and discuss a shared approach to measure and improve the quality of the walking environment. This shared approach will help enable walking to contribute to the “quantum leap in climate action”, to urgently improve the safety and user experience of those who already walk and reduce current inequities of access. 

We would like to invite you to a workshop series – “Stepping stones for better walking environments” aimed at accelerating discussions and building knowledge of the quality of the walking environment.


The topics for the workshop series are: 

  • Why improve walking environments?
    Building a shared understanding of the ways in which the quality of the street environment influences behaviours 
  • Where to improve walking environments?
    Tools and best practice for measuring quality
  • How to improve walking environments?
    Applying an evidence-based approach to policy and governance practices 


A short note will be shared after each workshop, and the outcome of the whole process is to be brought to the Walk21 conference (Kigali, October 2023) and disseminated as a short publication.

We hope to see you in the workshops! If you have any questions, please contact Dr Tamara Bozovic,


Attendance is free. Please indicate your interest below. 

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