Trans-Safe Africa: How to Radically Transform Road Safety in Africa

Trans Safe Africa meeting in Germany

Africa accounts for 20% of the world’s road crash deaths, 14% of the world’s people and just 3% of the world’s vehicles. TRANS-SAFE includes 30 partners (including Walk21 Foundation), from across Africa and Europe working together to transform road safety supported by European Commission.

This consortium has the following key objectives:

1. Safe vehicles
2. Safe speeds
3. Safe roads
4. Post-crash care
5. Safe road users

This week, Trans-Safe partners met for a 2-day project meeting in Potsdam, Berlin. Reports say that 36% of the road injuries in Africa happen while walking. Jim Walker, Director, Walk21 Foundation presented how the Walkability app can be used at the most dangerous places in the cities to help plan new interventions and save lives.

You can read more about the project at the website here.

The next project meeting of Trans-Safe will be conducted in Kigali, Africa at the Walk21 Kigali Conference in October 2023. 


A case study conducted using the Walkability App: Women’s perceived walkability at the Luas Tram catchment area in Dublin is available for download.

Download the report

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