UN Environment

The Share the Roads Programme is within the UN Environment and supports governments and other stakeholders in developing countries to move away from prioritizing the car-driving minority. The aim is to move towards investing in infrastructure for the majority: those who walk and cycle.

The Programme is active in communities and cities around the world with a focus on Brazil, Ghana, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria and Zambia. They partner with local and national governments, businesses, universities, civil society groups, and other stakeholders in all of these countries with a focus on Global advocacy and communication; the development of tools and guidance; and in-country technical assistance such as developing policies which promote investment in walking and cycling infrastructure.

Walk21 is directly supporting the UN Environment team by providing training on walkable cities to project partner countries. Most recently this has included Walkable City training in Kampala, Uganda; Nairobi, Kenya; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Medellin Colombia; Conception, Chile; and Manila, The Philippines.

Carly Gilbert-Patrick coordinates the UN Environment Share the Road programme and Walk21 is delighted that she is part of the Walk21 team.