Bronwen Thornton


Bronwen is an international expert, facilitator and trainer on walking and walkable communities, giving walking a voice on the international stage and within local communities, cities and professional arenas.


She has more than 20 years experience in strategic transport planning, community and political engagement, on-street analysis and creative development and policy and project delivery with a focus on equitable and sustainable transport.


She has worked on several European projects to improve and promote walkability, delivered Walkability Masterclasses and Roadshows for local communities and contributed to international projects for World Health Organisation (WHO), UNFCCC Climate Talks, World Bank and the International Transport Forum (ITF).


Bronwen is the Chief Executive Officer of Walk21, specialising in Policy, Projects and Partnerships. She was also appointed Chair of the SLOCAT Partnership in 2019.

Jim Walker

Jim Walker


Jim is an international policy advisor, communications expert and special projects manager to enable more people to walk and ensure they have safe, attractive and accessible environments to walk in. 


Jim specialises in developing national policy and quality standards to benefit pedestrians as well as managing national campaigns and sustainable transport, active health and accessible recreation projects.

His advice has helped 13 of the top 20 places to be independently accredited as the most liveable places in the world.


His current walking project portfolio is active in 83 countries.


Jim is the founder of Walk21 and supports the organisation’s network and activities.

Dr Rodney Tolley


Rodney taught active transport planning for 30 years at university level and is an author and speaker. He leads Walk21’s research work and provides quality control for conference content.

Ralf Tinga

Ralf Tinga


Ralf Tinga is a communication professional with a background in the European Union and sustainability. He is the project delivery lead for Walk21 and supports the Walk21 Ireland conference.

Aida Kaffel Rodriguez


Aida is a Lawyer specialising in International Law, supporting Walk21 with research, data and policy analysis.

Janene Tuniz


Janene is a development and cooperation specialist working with Walk21 to secure sustainable financing for people that walk.

Carly Gilbert-Patrick


Carly is a policy specialist with expertise in road safety, air quality, climate change and walking and cycling, supporting Walk21 with initiatives in Africa.

Dr Stefan Steiniger

Stefan is a spatial data specialist and geographic information systems architect supporting Walk21 with the development of walkability measurement tools.

Juliet Rita profile

Juliet Rita


Juliet is an urban transport planner and a lecturer at the Technical University of Kenya. Juliet is supporting Walk21 with the coordination of the Africa Network for Walking and Cycling.

Martin Wedderburn


Martin is a transport planner with 15 years experience in planning, policy and robust analysis to generate creative solutions.  He helps Walk21 with expertise on measuring, modelling and evaluating walking.

Martha Giraldo


Martha is the Director General of FundaPeatón, the pedestrian advocacy organisation in Medellín, Colombia supporting Walk21 with the development of practical advocacy tools.

Gail Jennings


Gail is a social scientist, sustainable transport planner and PhD Candidate at the Centre for Transport Studies, University of Cape Town. She helps Walk21 with transport and behaviour change research.