Walk21 Europe operates as a charitable Foundation and is registered in The Netherlands.

Walk21 Europe is managed by a Board of directors who work in a voluntary capacity to steer and support the delivery of Walk21’s charitable objectives in Europe.

In accordance with Dutch law Walk21 Europe is governed by a Board of Directors who have responsibility to:

  • Ensure Walk21 Europe is carrying out the purposes for which it was set up
  • Make sure Walk21 Europe complies with its governing document and charity law
  • Act in Walk21 Europe’s best interests
  • Manage Walk21 Europe’s resources responsibly
  • Act with reasonable care and skill
  • Ensure accountability
  • Reduce the risk of liability.

Maria Vassilakou

Director and Chair


Maria is an Austrian politician who served as Vice-Mayor and Deputy Governor of Vienna (2010 – 2019), as well as Councillor for City Development, Transport, Climate Protection, Energy Planning and Women’s Involvement.


Maria brought the importance of walking strategies to the centre of political debate and made it crucial to Vienna’s integrated mobility strategy. She coordinated the delivery of a 1% increase in walking mode share after a Year of Walking campaign and inspired the national government to develop a Walking Strategy that connected both environment and transport departments.

Ineke Spape

Ineke Spape

Director and Secretary


Ineke is Professor Emeritus at BUas (Breda University of Applied Sciences) and a sustainable mobility consultant in the Netherlands. She is a traffic and transport planning engineer with extensive experience of translating mobility, public space and human behaviour theoretical concepts into implemented improvements in partnership with communities.

Heather Allan

Heather Allen

Director and International Advisor


Heather is an expert in low carbon transport, sustainable development, gender and climate change with 25 years experience as an independent consultant.



Her client list includes the FIA Foundation, European Commission, Asian Development Bank and Sustainable Low Carbon Transport partnership. She was previously Programme Director for Sustainable Transport with the UK’s Transport Research Laboratory which included developing the international Low Carbon Transport and Climate training module.  Heather is also a Trustee of the Walk21 Foundation

Helge Hilnhutter

Director and Treasurer


Helge is Associate Professor at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway. He is an expert in pedestrian access to public transport and the quality of the walking experience.

The Walk21 Europe is a registered foundation (Stichting) in The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, number 861191523