Since the year 2000 Walk21 has coordinated the annual International Conference on Walking and Liveable Cities.

Past host cities include London (2000), Perth (2001), San Sebastian (2002) Portland (2003), Copenhagen (2004), Zurich (2005), Melbourne (2006), Toronto (2007), Barcelona (2008), New York (2009), The Hague (2010), Vancouver (2011), Mexico City (2012), Munich (2013), Sydney (2014), Vienna (2015), Hong Kong (2016), Calgary (2017), Bogota (2018) and Rotterdam (2019).

The City of Seoul will host the event in 2020. Each year the conference draws on the best new research, policy and projects from around the world and invites speakers to share their findings, experiences and successes.

The Knowledge Library contains nearly 2,000 papers that have been previously presented, which are categorised by year, country, author and principle of the International Charter for Walking.

The three aims of the conference are to:

  • Celebrate the importance of walking by engaging politicians, multi disciplinary teams and the community
  • Advance the international agenda to further help everyone in the world choose to walk.
  • Leave a lasting local legacy that helps streets be safer, easier and more enjoyable; more inclusive for people of every age, ability, gender and income; and healthier, more connected and valued.

Seoul 2020 Conference