More than a billion people walk or cycle for more than 55 minutes every day in Africa – to reach work, home, school, and other essential services. However, Sub-Saharan Africa still has the highest per capita rate of road fatalities than any region in the world. Africa is the least safe place to walk and cycle in the world with the elderly, disabled, youth, children and women being the biggest victim of road fatalities.

Lack of investments in walking and cycling policies and infrastructure exacerbates the needs for motorized modes of transport resulting to traffic jams, deteriorating air quality due to traffic emission, economic losses, anxieties associated by long commutes and climate change externalities.


UNEP is guiding the development of the Pan-African Action Plan for Active Mobility (PAAPAM) through the Share the Road Program. UNEP does this together with African governments and several partners including UN Habitat, University of Cape Town, Ochenuel Mobility, BYCS, the SADC Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety and the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy.

PAPAAM was launched at the Africa Regional Forum for Action – Inclusive & Active Mobility in a Changing Climate on 7-9 June 2022, Kigali , Rwanda. Read an introduction to the PAPAAM process here.


  • Raise the profile of active mobility, highlighting the role of active mobility in addressing regional, national and city priorities.
  • Define common priorities related to walking and cycling for Africa and build a community of champions.
  • Catalyse walking and cycling investments by national and city governments and by bilateral and multilateral development banks.
  • Spur dialogue and knowledge sharing among governments and grow the capacity and expertise of governments across the Africa region.
  • Identify key performance indicators to enable governments to track progress over time.


UNEP – Pan-African Action Plan for Active Mobility

FIA Foundation – ‘Kigali Forum supports safe walking and cycling in Africa’


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