Walk21 chairs the Africa Network for Walking and Cycling in partnership with UN Environment.

ANWAC is a space for organisations and experts to convene and collaborate under the auspices of a common goal: making the life of people who walk and cycle in African countries safer, healthier and more comfortable – through our combined action, expertise and influence.

Here is the ANWAC membership data, which was collected from members through a membership survey when they joined the network. ANWAC currently has close to 200 members drawn from 122 organisations. Membership is voluntary and is open to any individual or organisation working in walking and cycling in Africa
This document gives you an insight into which organisations our members are coming from, which countries they are actively working in, and what thematic focus their work entails. Read more here.

The Network is shaped by seven working groups.

You can join as many as you like to participate in the actions and activities. You can read more about the workings groups and their chairs here.

  1. Nexus between Research and Practice: this group aims to develop an academic hub that connects those in academia and practice as well as an online repository to share research into walking and cycling. 
  2. Financing for Walking and Cycling (multi-laterals and development partners): this group aims to explore ways to attract more funding for walking and cycling, and bring more financial institutions into the network.
  3. Government Support and Financing for Walking and Cycling: this Group is developing an interactive database/catalogue of African countries and supporting them in walking and cycling projects.
  4. Data for Walking and Cycling: this group is developing a data-sharing platform and a methodology for data collection and dissemination for walking and cycling in Africa. 
  5. Building Capacity for Local NGOs and Civil Society: this group has mapped out African based NGOs and Civil societies working on walking and cycling in Africa.
  6. Public Transport: this group is developing key performance indicators for public transport in Africa.
  7. Rural Mobility: this group is looking at developing measurement indicators of rural access to inform advocacy and funding for inclusive rural mobility.