Active Access

Active Access was a European project that Walk21 supported between 2009 and 2012 to increase walking short everyday trips in local areas to benefit health and the economy.

The focus was on reducing car trips by improving people’s mental maps of their local neighbourhoods with actions in 13 cities in 10 countries. (Graz, Koprivnica, Tartu, Harghita,Budapest, Pomurje, Annecy, Haute Savoie, Aveiro, L’alcudia, Alba Iulia and Bucharest).

Walk21 was an expert partner for the project supporting the cities with the development of their campaigns and helping secure political support for the local initiatives.  We were also a dissemination partner making sure the messages of the project were shared internationally to benefit many other cities.

The project was responsible for: reducing 65,568,000 km of car trips (saving 6.5m litres of fuel and 19,600 tons of CO2) and increasing walking by 10%.