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The EU-funded Active Cities project will test and implement how to tackle the twin problems of car-dependence and deteriorating urban health in cities in the North Sea Region of Europe.

In total, partner cities have over €50M investments earmarked to harness the healthiest forms of transport and solve the most chronic mobility challenges facing European cities. 

Comprising 8 cities, the universities KU Leuven and Aalborg University, and Walk21, the project will run 8 street-pilots to implement tactical urbanism (planning-by-doing) with citizen-led, short-term, low-cost, and scalable interventions. These interventions will then feed into planning frameworks for active mobility that will become a blueprint for healthy mobility across Europe.

Central to the project’s ethos is the involvement of citizens in the green transition to sustainable, human-centric cities. Awareness campaigns, incentive programs, and co-creation schemes will also promote walking and cycling and empower citizens to take ownership of the active mobility transition in their city. 

How Walk21 will redesign the way people move

Walk21 is excited to be a project partner in Active Cities. 

Walk21 will provide knowledge and expertise to the consortium throughout the project. In WP1 this will include identifying the active mobility potential at a city and street level with each of the partners. Walk21 will facilitate capacity building locally to support effective impacts and provide a measurement framework to ensure the benefits to communities are both visible and quantified.

Walk21 will provide tools and capacity building support to the consortium throughout the project. In WP2 global experiences will be shared and tools provided to ensure the cities are as successful as possible. The impact on activity, safety, accessibility, comfort and satisfaction will be embedded into the approach.

Walk21 will provide communication and dissemination support to the consortium throughout the project. In WP3 behaviour change programmes will be developed, citizens engaged and the transnational impact of the project appraised and promoted internationally.

The project provides the opportunity for Walk21 to apply global policy ambitions and experiences at a city and street level to ensure the smooth translation to measurable citizen benefits. 

At the core of the partnership stand 8 North Sea Region cities, specifically their urban planning and mobility departments. 

  • 8 cities: City of Leeuwarden (NL), Groningen (NL), Aarhus (DK), Bergen (NO), Hamburg (DE), Lund (SE), Mechelen (BE), Lille (FR)
  • 3 knowledge partners: Aalborg university (DK), KU Leuven Institute for Mobility (BE), Walk21 Europe (NL)

All project partners are aligned in their ambition to build cities designed for active, healthy citizens.

Active Cities is an Interreg North Sea project co-funded by the European Union. 

Project start: October 2022.

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