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INCLUSIFY is a citizen engagement project, supported by EIT, that aims to develop, test and implement an innovative new methodology and digital solution to empower women in order to report challenges in their use of public and active transport.

Overall, the project aims to make trips safer and easier for women moving within the Barcelona metropolitan area. INCLUSIFY will reinforce existing transport policy commitments with a gender perspective and create an efficient digital solution that proactively engages and embeds women in the sustainable future of metropolitan mobility.

Women’s more sustainable, healthier mobility patterns can largely be explained by the structural gender inequality that persists in our everyday lives. For example, in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, women make 79.7% of their journeys by active or public transport, which is 11% more than men. While the female mobility model, is more adapted to the context of the climate emergency, concerns about safety, physical accessibility, and the lack of supportive information can further increase gender inequality. In this context, the project’s objectives are to:

  1. Empower women to be contributors and enablers of safer, more inclusive urban mobility.
  2. Identify the potential barriers and deterrents for women using active and public transport to inform public policy, so that strategies can be put in place to minimise them in the future
  3. Locate the specific issues affecting mobility-related gender inequality, and what specific actions are required to mitigate them as part of building an equitable future urban mobility system
  4. Enhance the share of active modes of transport.


Short Literature Review of Empowerment strategies for women by Walk21

Results of the Focus Group Research engaging women mobility users in Barcelona by Institut d’Estudis Regionals i Metropolitans de Barcelona.


Inclusify project Poster from Barcelona