Partnership for Urban Mobility

The Partnership Urban Mobility (PUM) was set up as one of 12 priority themes in response to The Urban Agenda for the EU which was established by the Pact of Amsterdam, agreed by the EU Ministers responsible for urban matters in May 2016.

The Urban Agenda itself aims to promote cooperation between Member States, cities, the European Commission, European organisations and other stakeholders in order to achieve a sustainable, socially inclusive, innovative and economically powerful Europe. The Urban Agenda sets out a new way of working together to stimulate growth, liveability and innovation in the cities, gain maximum benefits from their growth potential and successfully tackle current and future challenges

Walk21 was invited to join the PUM to ensure the needs of walkers were represented in the discussions and actions of the Partnership.  The PUM focused on the many challenging circumstances globally including congestion, air and noise pollution, climate change, the search for alternatives to fossil fuels, urbanisation and the impacts of new technology.

Walk21 led two of the PUM’s 12 actions: working in partnership with UITP to produce new walking and public transport indicators for Europe to steer the delivery of SDG 11.2 (Sustainable Transport for All), with the explicit goal of investing in more accessible, safe, efficient, affordable and sustainable infrastructure for walking and public transport; and new Guidance on Behaviour Change Campaigns. Both documents were launched at Walk21 Rotterdam in 2019.