Walk21 has supported many cities internationally to be more walkable

Walk21 provides a range of workshop courses to support capacity building for advocates, practitioners and politicians.

The most popular workshops include

8 Steps to a Walkable City

A 2-3 days workshop for multidisciplinary teams wishing to develop a practical action plan for encouraging and supporting walking – helping translate political commitment into effective investment. This engaging and participative course includes a mixture of informative presentations, round table discussions and site visit walk-shops.

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Other workshops

These are some of our shorter workshops that we provide.

Please get in touch if you are interested in Walk21 helping you make your city more walkable.


The importance of walking and walkable cities

A half day workshop which includes an outline of the principles of a walkable city with inspirational examples and case studies from around the world.

Walkability street audits

A half day walkshop introducing the framework for identifying deficiencies in the walking environment and evaluating where there is potential to improve existing conditions.

Measuring walking and setting indicators for evaluating investment in walking

A full day workshop to help set a baseline and evaluate the impact of new investment in more walkable places.

Walking campaigns

A half day workshop to help develop a targeted campaign to promote more everyday walking.